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Upcoming Litters/Planned Breeding's


SG1 Aaligator von Skorpionenblut BH IPO1​

Hips A Elbows 0/1​

DM Carrier (Not Effected)

Willow vom Extreme Haus CGC TKN

Hips 0.41 Elbows Normal

DM Clear

We are so happy with how their last litter turned out that we decided to do a repeat breeding! Our waitlist is now open for this spectacular pairing, if you would like an application please reach out. Pregnancy confirmation will take place in mid April.  Both parents come from outstanding imported lines, are fully health tested, titled, have solid nerves, sound temperaments and great on/off switches.

Upcoming Litters: Info

Please note these dates are our best predictions and the studs could change depending on availability. Dogs gestation period is 58-63 days (approximately 2 months) and puppies spend a minimum of 8 weeks at our home.

Upcoming Litters: Text
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