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I have had German Shepherds for more than 20 years, and have a MS in Canine Science. I have never owned or even trained more solid puppies than a Von Willow puppy. The foundation they come with is unsurpassed. These pups are born into a loving home and Von Willow only sends puppies to responsible homes. I pray they continue these lines because I’m not sure we’d ever be happier than we are with Wade!

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I don’t even know where to begin. Von Willow Shepherds has been the most incredible experience. Taylor is AMAZING and SO SMART she really knows her stuff and knows how to educate new owners on the breed and I cannot express that enough. Not only does she strive to find the best homes for her dogs but she offers guidance and tips all along the way for new owners to follow. I knew after the first phone call conversation that I had with her that this is where I wanted our puppy from. You’re included in the process from the day the puppies are born until forever. The care that goes into the litters and her dogs alone is exceptional. I live in Canada and the process of getting my puppy home wasn’t the easiest ( as we find the best and safest ways to bring the puppy home & with Covid included )but Taylor and I discussed countless safe ways to bring my puppy home until we reached a good decision. Whenever I have questions she always always answers me and she helps educate me for the future. I wouldn’t get a German Shepherd from any other breeder. I felt safe with my decision in putting my trust in Von Willow Shepherds from another country. I’m so thankful I got to bring my new best friend home through Taylor.

Jessica Ekman

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Great experience and our puppy is perfect! She is really smart and easy to train while being the most cuddly and loving dog!

Shannon Parry


I would highly recommend Von Willow German Shepherds. The owner, Taylor, is a passionate and kind breeder who puts the health and happiness of her dogs above everything. She runs her family business on the basis of transparency, trust, and quality and ensures her pups are of exceptional standard.
I’ve had the privilege of meeting the beautiful and sweet Willow, as well as the handsome and charming Storm several times. They are both very well behaved and have the sweetest temperaments. They’re loyal, calm, intelligent, and give the best cuddles.
Taylor is very knowledgeable about all things dogs. I am a newer dog owner and have often called on her for questions about raising a puppy. She humbly offers all of her insight and knowledge, which shows how much she truly cares for all dogs. I am confident that anyone who joins the Von Willow family will experience that same love and devotion.

Madye Martin


I would definitely recommend someone who is looking for a beautiful and well mannered pup to go to Von Willow German Shepherds. Taylor has so much love and passion for her German Shepherds. Willow is a very kind and loving dog. She is very well trained and you can see that Taylor puts time in to train her dogs to be the best that they can.
I’ve had my time meeting cute little storm as well and he is well tempered and very well trained for his age. Taylor has great knowledge on dogs and even advice for anyone who might need it. I am a first time dog owner and I often message Taylor about certain things that I’m unsure about or concerned and she always has a great answer for me. She’s recommended me vets, food/treats, and even toys that are the best out there. She truly has a gift in what she does and excited to see all of her future litters.

Nicole Skokna


I highly recommend Von Willow German Shepherds for anyone looking to add a new puppy into their life! The owner, Taylor, is extremely educated and passionate. On top of caring for her sweet and well mannered dogs, she is always sharing her knowledge with family and friends who have questions or concerns about breeds, training, feeding, etc. Taylor is the most trusting and engaged owner who loves her dogs with everything she has!

Baylee Vaughan


These beautiful, shiny haired, sparkly eyed, sweet pups are so well cared for. I’ve learned so much about long haired German Shepherd care from Taylor. She is a knowledgeable breeder with a heart of gold. Her dogs are definitely family and her good nature is evident in their’s. Taylor is organized, principled, and deeply attentive to the care and maintenance this breed requires. I highly recommend Von Willow German Shepherds. Every pup will be worth the wait!

Melissa McNeil

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