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Our Males

Males: Males

Storm Von Holtzapple CGC TKN

Hips: 0.23 (Excellent)
Elbows: Normal
DM Clear

Storm is a stunning solid black long coat working line German Shepherd. Storm is a high drive dog, who is very eager to please. He is very bonded and loyal to his family but will warm up to visitors quickly. He prefers to interact with dogs that are in his pack. Storm has his hip and elbow testing done along with a full embark panel where he was cleared for 195 genetic diseases including DM.

Otto Von Willow CGC


Otto is a deep pigmented long coat black & red showline German Shepherd. He has very solid nerves, an incredible temperament, and loves to be the center of attention. Otto is a big softy with such a gentle demeanor, he does great with people, dogs and kids. Otto is still maturing and will be used as a future stud starting in July of 2023 after his hip and elbow testing is completed.

Studs Used

We do not own the males below. These males are studs that have been used to sire our litters.


SG Aaligator Von Skorpionenblut BH IPO1

Hips A Elbows 0/1
DM Carrier not effected

Sire to our A & B litter

Males: Studs
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